Cathedral occupation ended

Two weeks ago I wrote about the "occupation" of San Salvador's Metropolitan Cathedral which had closed the church for months including Holy Week.  That protest finally ended with the return of control to church authorities on April 16.  Angela Smith relates the story:
In central San Salvador this morning, members of three organizations representing veterans of the historic FMLN guerrilla forces and labor rights leaders handed over the Metropolitan Cathedral after three months of occupation, in exchange for assurances that sincere dialogue addressing the groups’ demands with the Salvadoran government will begin immediately. Their struggle will continue at the negotiation table, mediated by a permanent commission promised this morning by the director general of human rights for the Salvadoran government, Oscar Luna, who will serve as a mediator along with representatives of civic and faith-based organizations.
Although the beautiful Fernando Llort mosaic which used to adorn the facade of the cathedral is gone,  at least the church and the tomb of Romero are once again open to those who want to worship or just visit this church which has figured so prominently in recent history.   You can read the background of the non-violent protest which occupied the cathedral in the rest of Angela's article here.