Latest poll shows voters split

The most recent poll from CID-Galup/Diario La Pagina shows 34% of voters planning to vote on March 11 for FMLN candidates for National Assembly deputy, 32% for ARENA candidates, and 16% for other parties. Almost one in five Salvadorans polled were undecided. The poll of 1008 eligible voters was taken between February 16 and 19 .

These results are typical of the results almost every time Salvadoran are polled about their political preferences. One third of the voters show allegiance to ARENA on the right and one third to the FMLN on the left and everyone else is somewhere in between.

I have yet to see any polling looking at voter preferences for individual deputies on the slate of any party.


David said…
I'll be somewhat surprised if the FMLN does as well as is suggested by these poll numbers. They're very likely to lose badly in San Salvador.
Tim said…
I've certainly heard that the FMLN will lose badly in the mayor's race. What will be interesting is how many people split their votes and vote Quijano for mayor and FMLN for deputy. We did see split votes in 2009 when the FMLN won 12 deputies in San Salvador and ARENA won 10, but Quijano won the mayor's race.