Celebrating a war criminal

With their right fists clenched and thrust into the air, leading politicians of ARENA commemorated  Major Roberto D'Aubuisson on the 19th anniversary of his death Tuesday.  Among those at the ceremony at D'Aubuisson's tomb were former president Alfredo Cristiani and current San Salvador Mayor Norman Quijano.

 D'Aubuisson is the founder of the ARENA party.   He is also the man who ordered the assassination of archbishop Oscar Romero and was the sponsor of right wing death squads during the 1970s and 80s.  This annual celebration of a war criminal by the ARENA party faithful shows that the culture of impunity is far from disappearing in El Salvador.  It's shameful.


Bordersushi said…
Well, this is your blog so I suppose you can state whatever position you want...but IMHO, being neutral politically invites more candid comments on the blog site from both view points. I don't think the Areneros you showed had in their mind they were doing the "Sieg Heil" to the alleged mastermind of the Romero murder. I think they were showing their allegiance to their party because it offers a paradigm they believe in--no socialism, capitalism, free trade, competitive trade, lower social welfare. Just my 2 cents. As a gringo living both in EL Salvi and USA, I prefer not having the commies redistribute my property and wealth because some other slumps are too lazy to work and stop receiving remesas.
Bordersushi said…
One last thought. I am Catholic and have to say that I don't agree with everything the Church professes in terms of its political involvement around the world. I'm a retired serviceman who was an active combatant in what the USA calls "LIC" Low-Intensity-Conflict. You see this in Colombia with US serviceman fighting against FARC, covertly. The Church should do what they are famous for. Help interpret God's word to its followers and show the path to salvation and the second coming of Jesus. Once guys like Fr. Romero decide to step into war politics, take sides with guerrilla forces, spread leftist propoganda...he is no longer a priest. He is an insurgent and becomes equal opportunity target for military operations. Priests should teach the heathens about Jesus and not about FMLN and anti-government propaganda.
Carlos X. said…
Bordershushi, I agree with your premises, but I disagree with your application to the facts. It is not necessary, in order to "offer a paradigm" of capitalism and free trade, to pay personal homage to a man who has been found by multiple tribunals to be responsible not just for the heinous Romero murder, but for other war crimes, including the accusation by U.S. officials of plotting to murder U.S. diplomats in El Salvador. In fact, former U.S. Ambassador Robert White described him as a "pathological killer," and the U.S. government's distaste for D'Aubuisson was so great that he was repeatedly refused visas to enter the country, including during the Reagan administration. The U.S. federal judge who found D'Aubuisson complicit in the Romero murder in 2004 was a Republica appointee (appointed by Pres. Bush). So, I don't think there is much of a basis to say that to be "politically neutral" requires Tim to pretend D'Aubuisson is an acceptable political figure, and not a widely discredited, yes, war criminal. I also disagree about Romero, but at least on that score, there is probably a little more room for debate. Some people like Jerry Faldwell, other people prefer Martin Luther King, Jr. Who is the closer follower of Christ? I suppose your own spirituality will dictate that result. I know where I stand.
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