US Peace Corps suspends sending volunteers to El Salvador

The US Peace Corps announced yesterday that it has suspended sending new volunteers to work in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala for safety and security reasons:
The Peace Corps has cancelled its January 2012 volunteer training classes for El Salvador and Guatemala. Due to ongoing security concerns, the agency is enhancing operational support to currently serving volunteers in these countries.

All currently serving volunteers in El Salvador and Guatemala are safe and accounted for. The Peace Corps will continue to closely monitor and assess the safety and security climate and enhance volunteer support in these countries.

The Peace Corps operated in El Salvador between 1962 and 1979, and returned in 1993. Over 2,000 Americans have served in El Salvador since the program was established, working with communities on projects focused on community, economic, and youth development. There are 113 volunteers currently serving in El Salvador.
Current volunteers are being recalled from Honduras, although there is no announced intent to do so for El Salvador or Guatemala.

You can read a collection of blogs of Peace Corps volunteers in El Salvador at this link.