Some great volunteers in service

I've been writing Tim's El Salvador Blog for more than 7 years now.   I've tried to make it a reliable English language source of information about some of what goes on in El Salvador, and from the feedback I have gotten many of my readers think I have at least party succeeded.

From time to time, people ask me what they can do to support the blog. since it's free and (so far) I don't accept any advertising.

The answer is nothing -- this is my contribution to raising the level of awareness about El Salvador for English-speakers around the world.

But I do have a request.   If you like this blog, please consider a donation this Christmas to the Volunteer Missionary Movement, where I am a member of the Board of Directors.   Our volunteers are not missionaries in the sense of evangelizing converts, instead they are some terrific people who feel called by their faith to serve the poor in El Salvador and Central America.   They are people like Maggie and Olivia working with youth and families in Mejicanos, like Beth working on community organizing and disaster prevention, like Pieter working with indigenous women in Guatemala, and like Sam and Andrea working at a cultural center in Managua.

Here's my goal.   I would really like all the readers of Tim's El Salvador Blog to make a $5, $10 or $20 donation to VMM to support the work of these volunteers.   There's a link where you can do it online right here, and there's also directions for other ways to donate.  It's easy, and you'll be helping support some meaningful works of solidarity in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.


Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM-USA)


Unknown said…
VMM is doing terrific work in Latin America. I have come to know these folks through their working with SHARE in El Salvador. Smart, fun-loving, generous, loving people! I send donations whenever I have any extra left over from SS. Que Viva VMM!
Unknown said…
Done. Thanks for all your efforts.
Tim said…
Thanks to both of you!
Dave Kinnear said…
Done, too.