Possible Republican filibuster of Aponte confirmation

Mari Carmen Aponte's recess appointment as US Ambassador to El Salvador expires at the end of the year unless her nomination is confirmed by the US Senate. There is a possible test vote today to see if Republicans have the votes to block the nomination with a filibuster. Roll Call has a good overview of the debate.


Ray Barquero said…
I agree that H.E. Carmen Maria Aponte has been a signigicant asset in promoting and strengthening US-Salvadoran relations, but the United States is not in a position to take a chance of allowing an alleged affiliate of a former Cuban spy represent thier interests in such a hostile region. I think it is a shame that she has been called back, but I also understand the reluctance of the US Senate in allowing her to maintain such a prominent position in a country that maintains among the best relations with the United States in that region.