How can I help?

El Salvador needs short term and long term aid to care for all the people affected by the Deluge of 2011 and to  produce a safer and more sustainable environment into the future.  Not surprisingly, I have received many inquiries about where people can give.

As you may have deduced from the address for this blog, my religious affiliation is Lutheran.  One good way to give money for disaster relief in El Salvador and the rest of Central America is the ELCA Disaster Response.   ELCA Disaster Response is very efficient, and guarantees that 100% of funds designated for a particular disaster will be spent with that disaster and not used elsewhere in the organization.   You can donate at this link.

In addition, here is a list of organizations working in El Salvador where I have good knowledge of their work and who would be worthy recipients of your donations.

Note that I have only listed US based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations because the bulk of my readers come from the US.   There are certainly more organizations based in El Salvador which are doing great work in disaster relief, but it is more difficult for someone in the US to give funds to them, and you don't get a tax deduction.  I will list one organization, however.   The Comandos de Salvamento have been providing response to emergencies in El Salvador for decades.   They were performing heroic duty from the moment the waters began rising.   You can visit their website and donate online here.

There are many other organizations which are providing disaster relief as well.   A few searches on the Internet will help you find them.  I invite any organization providing disaster relief in El Salvador to provide information about your organization using the comment feature on this blog.

 In evaluating organizations, you may want to consider these Tips for Giving in Times of Crisis and use the tools at Charity Navigator to check up on an organization soliciting your funds.


Unknown said…
If you dont mind might I suggest posting an address where non monetary donations could be sent? I have received some inquiries regarding a place where clothes could be sent and although I am able to provide an address in El Salvador I think more people would be inclined to send clothing etc. if it was to a reliable US address.
Ramona said…
Here you can find information on the supporting measures of the German NGO medico international:
Caminante said…
There also is Foundation Cristosal ( that works with the Episcopal Anglican Church of El Salvador and is closely working with projects in Baja Lempa. There is up-to-date info on their web page.
Janis Watkins said…
Abigail Association is a 501c3 in the States with ALL donations going to help El Salvador. We have been in operation over 3 years and have been extending help all over the country. All of our work is done through volunteers so nothing goes to salaries!! We are currently providing blankets, clothing, beds, and of course food to those who have been displaced because of the recent flooding. Many will not be able to return to their homes so we are also looking at way to help them with new housing.
Please visit our website for more information. There is also a link there for PayPal donations and a tax letter will be issued at the end of their year. We are a faith-based organization who truly care about these hurting people!!! The people of EL Salvador need both your prayers and your support!!!
ixa said…
I love it how international aid floods in during floods via 501 3c groups and we collaborate with the cooks at the San Miguelito Market in order to offer fresh soup and warm tortillas to the damnificados of natural disasters. We started seeing this type of response after Las Colinas Landslide. After Haiti it is even worse and seems to be a "popular social" thing to do. We have been in existence for over 50 years. Tim I really appreciate you mentioning our group, and if you can ever refer me to someone help me setup a 5013c for us let me know. God Bless-Comandos de Salvamento Rep
Andrea said…
Also if you could post organizations in El Salvador that also look for help in regards to people who wish to volunteer/work to teach english, child care, cook, office work, offer physical labor, etc.
The reason I ask this is because I live in El Salvador and have been looking to donate my time and/or work for an organization regularly.
The problem, for me, is that it's really difficult to find good information on the internet (maybe it's my search terms :(...)
But I know that El Salvador is not high on the radar.

Also, you answered a prior question, about voting, for me the other week and I wanted to thank you for that.
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