What's Up El Salvador?

An interesting and fun read is the relatively new blog What's Up El Salvador?. It's written by Nanelle, who along with her husband Andy have relocated from the US to El Salvador. From the blog's description:
Join a 43 year old former Ballet Dancer and Police Officer, her Coffee Roasting, beer brewing, husband and their 5 year-old daughter on their move to El Salvador, as they head through customs, find a home, enjoy daily living and explore the country; advising you all the way. Living life in El Salvador as American expats and loving it.
The blog is full of wide-ranging posts about life in El Salvador, as seen from the eyes of a family of newcomers. Nanelle updates the site very regularly and her writing style is breezy and fun. It's now one of my regular stops. Check it out.


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Maybe one day we can make a group on whatsapp and we can share this kind of thing every day i do it with my friends and i strongly recommen that, maybe we all should move to whats up