Former US cop on policing in El Salvador

Blogger Nanelle is a former police officer from the US. Now she lives in El Salvador as a US expat. She recently wrote on her observations of Salvadoran police in a post titled Whats Up With The Salvadoran Cops?. Among her thoughts:
These men and women, who are given the awesome task of protecting public safety, are paid less than some restaurant employees.  Restaurant employees are expected to make up for their low wages in tips. Where does that put cops?
Oh .... But we don’t like that do we?
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ixa said…
Now you can understand the culture of "mordidas". bribes. It works. I used to see it as corruption, but now I see it as survival. Example: you get caught running a red light. PNC and his buddy look at your papers, assure registration, make sure it is not stolet, hey looks like a tail light is broken, that could be a fee too, well, you dont want to wait all day in line tomorrow do you at the ministerio de transporte? and lose money from taking time off and risking your job? Well you know I got a baby who needs diapers, let's just make a deal here so both parties are happy, 20 bux, will work, ok cool have a good evening".

that's how it works. It is convenient for both.
El-Visitador said…
Yeah well, what do you expect- when just a tiny % of the government budget is spent on law and order.

If the useless ministries such as the Secretaría de "Cultura" and the ministry of Tourism were shuttered, you might be saving some money for cop salaries.