El Salvador sending troops to Afghanistan

El Faro reported yesterday that president Mauricio Funes is planning to send a contingent of 22 Salvadoran troops to Afghanistan. The troops will support the international troops in that country in a non-combat role according to the report. Between 2003 and 2009, El Salvador had troops in Iraq, and for most of that time was the only country in Latin America to do so. Funes had campaigned against having troops in Iraq when he ran for president.


Repeat after me: No soy Tony Saca. No soy Tony Saca.
Xiao said…
Why do you think the president sends troops if he was against it? Has he changed his mind? Or he is pressured by other politicians?
Kelsey said…
So they can't control the escalating violence in their own country, but they are going to try and help it in someone else's?!
ixa said…
No peeps, its to keep TPS running, just like battallon cuscatlan kept it running in Iraq. you scrath my back I'll scratch yours. Google/images Samuel Toloza and you will see why USA needs to respect Latinos and immigration FROM THE GET GO.
Tipo said…
Essentially any request by the U.S. for support from El Salvador is granted, like someone mentioned "TPS". Also I'm sure the U.S. sends aid to El Salvador. The president Of El Salvador Feels obliged to comply.