What others are blogging

I've been on a little hiatus from blogging, but now I'm back and will resume regular posts about our favorite country. While I've been silent, others in the English language blogosphere have been writing some good stuff.

SHARE has a blog post about the exhumation of the body of environmental activist Juan Francisco Duran Ayala from a common grave. His family and grass roots organizations continue to demand a thorough investigation into his murder.

Voices from El Salvador has an interesting look at urbanization in El Salvador. The growth of city living has its own set of problems and challenges for the country which it struggles to address.

The CRISPAZ blog carries an English translation of an article from Diario Colatino about a raid by 270 police and soldiers on Center for Training for Local Development and Solidarity Economies (PROCOMES), an NGO which works with youth from its office in Nejapa. Protests have been raised about the use of excessive force and a lack of legal process surrounding the raid.

Mike Allison's Central American Politics blog describes the "big fat no" from the Salvadoran business community to the idea of paying more taxes to fund public security measures against crime.