Military service for at-risk youth

The Los Angeles Times had a story on June 11about the proposal by Funes to draft into the military 5000 at-risk youth aged 16 to 18 to keep them out of gangs. Funes announced the plan in his June 1 address to the nation:
The plan calls for drafting 5,000 male teens deemed at risk of joining gangs and putting them through six months of civil defense training at centers run by the army reserve. Such service, officials say, would instill discipline in the youngsters while removing them from squalid conditions that have proved fertile for gang recruitment.

The draftees, ages 16 to 18, would receive noncombat training only and would not handle firearms.

'Youths are going to be subjected to the rigors of military discipline, but will not receive military instruction like the use of arms, and only will be instructed in protecting of civilians who are vulnerable in cases of natural disasters,' said Defense Minister David Munguia Payes.

According to the LA Times, the proposal has received political support across party lines and that approval by the National Assembly should be forthcoming quickly.

Like calling the army into the streets, the proposal gets public approval because the government seems to be doing something, but the actual effectiveness of such a proposal in reducing gangs and crime seems questionable.  Meanwhile, civil liberties groups in El Salvador have criticized the measure as a violation of international accords on the rights of children and adolescents.


Griselda said…
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Griselda said…
HOw come we as citizen don't know about this at the first place?, Ive been reading local newspaper and NOTHING, ZERO about Funes proposal. It is not that is a bad idea, but out of curious, haven't heard anything about this. Anyhow I reckon it is a great option for youth at risk. since we do not have enough employment capacity, it should be education inclusion, and jobs that WE SALVADOREAN need, but since government is incapable of deliver such demands. Id rather to see youth stay occupied than wandering around with the freaking gangs....
Anonymous said…
Here is an idea: How about acting like a real leftist-party and offering civil defense jobs to people who want them at good wages? Maybe you could even let them have--gasp--unions. Offering real opportunties is what it takes to reduce crime.