FMLN chooses candidate for 2012 San Salvador mayoral race

The FMLN has confirmed that Jorge Schafik Handal will run as the left wing party's candidate for mayor of San Salvador in the 2012 elections.  He is the son of Schafik Handal, an FMLN guerrilla leader during the country's civil war and unsuccessful candidate for president of El Salvador in 2004.

Jorge Schafik Handal is currently a deputy in the National Assembly from Usulutan.  He will be running against the current mayor of San Salvador, Norman Quijano from ARENA, who won his first term as mayor in 2009.


Korla said…
Wow - Quijano is ARENA? Puchica. Somehow I got it in my head (I kid you not) that he was Frente. Everything makes so much more sense now. (I was having a really, really hard time wrapping my head around the whole picture.)

Thanks Tim!