El Salvador under Tsunami alert

Following the massive earthquake off the coast of Japan today, El Salvador is under a tsunami alert.    The alert covers virtually all countries around the Pacific basin.  Any wave is expected to impact El Salvador around 4:00 pm local time.

Update -- live streaming video from La Libertad available here and shows the waves at the coast.  (Nothing out of the ordinary at 4:00 when I watched.   Surfers in the water).   8:00pm -- no reports that tsunami waves had any impact on El Salvador.

As a country prone to earthquakes and with a low-lying coastline, El Salvador is vulnerable to tsunamis.  I looked at the website of El Salvador's National Earth Studies Service (SNET), and it indicates that the last "micro-tsunami" to be measured in El Salvador was January 13, 2001 and originated from an earthquake off the coast of Australia.   That date, however, is best remembered as the date of the  first of the two large 2001 earthquakes which claimed many lives and destroyed homes throughout El Salvador.


Hodad said…
we had one in 95, I think? or 85?
not much data

and I was in Sipicate , Guatemala surfing in 92, 4 large waves, when Poneloya was wiped out in Nicaragua
and just being released is moon closest to us, in 15,000 years, I believe?
these waves are NOT surfable, not moving 200m mph when they hit Poneloya
Anonymous said…
Oh phew! I am so glad it seems to have been ok! I have family in ES so I've been worried!
Tim, I'm from NH and have a daughter in El Salvador on a mission trip with FOCUS, a Catholic group helping a San Miguel village. Has there been any damage on land? Do you know if the airport is running as usual? She is due to fly home tomorrow. Thanks for you blog - KG from NH
Tim said…
Kathleen, no damage in El Salvador. I'm sure flights are not disrupted.
Tim - thank you for responding. I watched the live video you posted of the woman at the beach in ES and was reassured that the area looks unharmed. KG
Unknown said…
gracias a dios que no paso nada... my husbands famliy lives in el salvador thank u fro maken this blog it helped so much to know that everything is fine