The scarce bean

Two news stories from the past week in the paper El Mundo highlight El Salvador's problem of food insecurity.  


The first was a story about the price of beans.   In the past year, the price of a pound of red beans has increased 138% from $0.52 to $1.24 per pound.   The price increase reflected the significant destruction of the bean crop by the damaging rains in 2010.  The story noted that the price of corn also rose last year.

The second was the report that the Salvadoran government will import approximately 9 million pounds of beans from China.  The purchase will cost around $5 million, and will help alleviate the scarcity of beans for the Salvadoran markets.  According to the story, Salvadoran officials say the Chinese bean is not the same as beans from Nicaragua, but they tested it, and it's a "buen frijol."


Hodad said…
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and for organic 9 essential amino acid fish feed, instead of big corp GM corn and soy, crap

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Unknown said…
Great blog Tim -- thanks for the info! This is a great resource for anyone who's been to El Salvador or is planning to go there.

Tim said…
Glad you found it Vic.

Senor Pescado -- c'mon, you know the rules, stay on topic.