An intro to Salvadoran food

Food blogger Sasha Martin has spent the past week writing about and cooking the food of El Salvador.  Here's how she introduced the topic:
Do you like colorful birds? What about ruins – ancient, gothic, and colonial? Step right this way. Meet El Salvador, a tiny country freckled with mighty volcanoes, thickly coated by lush tropics, and so much more. In this steamy dreamland, I discovered a theme: corn.
You can read Sasha's week of posts on Salvadoran food, including recipes, at this link.  Yum.


Hodad said…
been all over the world,
some of the of the worst prepared food in the world is El Sal,
and Centro america,
and yes even Colombia,
all that raw material and they have not a gd clue how to cook
even the best restaurants,
they all pretty ,much suck

they could be like Thailand or Taiwan,
same material

and and so many fat asses there now for fast food
go to the mall and look

all these fast food conglomerates need to , go away and leave, but aghast, the populace is enthralled by that dope box, TV

drives me nuts living there for the food,
had to teah all my maids how to cook
then you have to deal with that latin, spanish ignorance of, doing it their way , when you turn your back or another day comes, back to same crap
worse tortillas in the world

when they have NOT a clue,

drives me nuts doing any business there,
WE put a man on the moon, NOT El Salvador

some of the worst food in public in the world,

Ethiopia has better food in the street

pupusas, in the street, Los Planes, etc, HORRIBLE no
seasoning, no herbs,
give me a break

go to the market
buy your food
cook at home

little sugar in the masa,
butter in the deserts,

and another story, got chocolate, milk, vanilla, nuts, yada yada yada

worse deserts I have ever seen, below Mexico even

AND I have lived there 15 years, been eating basic lunch in La Libertad market since, 1983
tamales, gaga

you cannot debate me on this