FMLN now has leadership of National Assembly

As of February 1, the presidency of the National Assembly is held for the first time by a member of the FMLN. Sigfrido Reyes, an FMLN legislator became the new head of the country's lawmaking body. Although the FMLN has held a plurality of seats in the National Assembly several times since the end of the civil war, it was the split of several right wing ARENA deputies to form the GANA party, which led to Reyes assuming his new position.

The development and the reaction of the Salvadoran blogosphere are well described in a post by Omar Nieto on Global Voices. Some comment on the historic nature of another branch of government now being held by the FMLN. Others caution that the media and right wing are now poised to blame all problems of the country on the fact that the FMLN controls the presidency and the National Assembly. Sigfrido Reyes may have further political ambitions in Salvadoran presidential politics, but the National Assembly will need to deliver results for the people before there is a change in the low esteem with which Salvadorans view that body.