Deportations continue unabated

So far in 2010, the US has deported some 17,352 migrants back to El Salvador according to statistics cited in El Mundo.   Of  these, 6,866 had criminal records.   In addition, some 10,000 Salvadorans were returned to the country from Mexico when they were detained on their way to the US.   These statistics are down very slightly from 2009.

Other figures in LPG estimate that there are some 530,000 Salvadorans in the US illegally, in contrast to the 320,000 Salvadorans who are legal residents of the US with green cards.   An additional 240,00 have temporary protected status (TPS).    Remittances from Salvadorans living outside of the country constitute more than 1/6th of the country's economy.

These figures make Salvadorans very interested in the prospects of immigration reform in the US --- prospects which seem pretty dim after the conservative tilt in the November elections for Congress.


George Fulmore said…
The stats in this article would indicate that there are about 1.1 million Salvadoreans in the U.S. But with peak emigration in the early 80's, if that is true, surely most of these folks would have offsprings by now, maybe grandkids, as well. A problem with these counts is trying to figure out who is Salvadorean in the second and third generation. The 2010 U.S. census asked American residents to self-define themselves ethnically, one definition being caucasian, Hispanic from El Salvador. It would interesting to see if that total number is released. Many of the offspring may not speak Spanish and/or ever have been in El Salvador.
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