Tallest buildings in El Salvador and Central America

Three skyscrapers completed in 2009 and 2010 give San Salvador the bulk of the tallest buildings in Central America (excluding Panama). The tallest is the new Pedregal Tower apartment building in the Multiplaza development. The 100 meter tall building features 28 floors of luxury apartments.

This chart from Wikipedia lists the other skyscrapers of Central America:

Place↓Name↓City↓Country↓N° Floors↓Height↓Completed↓
1Torre El PedregalSan SalvadorFlag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador28110.3 m 12010
2Torre Premier ClubGuatemala CityBandera de Guatemala Guatemala31101 m1999
3Torre FuturaSan SalvadorFlag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador1999 m2009
4Terra AltaSan SalvadorFlag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador2098 m2009
5Guatemala City MarriottGuatemala CityBandera de Guatemala Guatemala2485 m¿?
6Torre CitiSan SalvadorFlag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador1979 m1989
7105 Campestre Torre ISan SalvadorFlag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador2479 m2008
8Marques del ValleGuatemala CityBandera de Guatemala Guatemala2578 m2006
9Gran Tikal FuturaGuatemala CityBandera de Guatemala Guatemala2075 m¿?
10Torre SkyTegucigalpaBandera de Honduras Honduras2575 m2008


El-Visitador said…
At first blush, the Pedregal building looks like it could be anywhere on the planet. Rather generic looking, externally it'd be at home in Santiago just as much as outside the historic centre of Barcelona or Milan.

When it gets amusing is when you see the floorplan. It's got all the llittle details that make it quintessentially Salvadorean. It looks exactly like the floorplan of an aspiring upper middle-class casa, lifted to the sky.

Vestibule in a country with no legitimate need for coathangers, etc? Check.

Living room separate from the TV room? (Even today, it remains uncouth to put a TV in the sala, and may God bless us Salvadoreans for it) Check.

Bathtub and separate shower stall, even though the bathtub will go unused by 99% of families for cultural reasons? Oh yeah, check.

No shared bathrooms whatsoever in any configuration, not even for the kid's room nor visitors? Even in the U.S. and Europe, you only find this in better-to-do places. Check.

And naturally, the-you-know-where-you-are servant's quarters, including quite of course their separate entrance —though many owners are sure to want to keep the key to that second door to themselves.

By the way, the 3 bedroom's quarters is designed for [i]two[/i] maids, whereas the 2 bedroom's quarters is for just one. One can't really be expected to do chores, right?

Listasal said…
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