Comandos de Salvamento

I have been remiss in failing to point out the 50th Anniversary of the Comandos de Salvamento. Wherever there is a natural or man-made disaster in El Salvador, the Comandos de Salvamento, "Rescue Commandos," are sure to be there. With their yellow uniforms with the green cross, these volunteers provide emergency services throughout the country. September 30 marked 50 years since the founding of this fine organization.

From the Comandos website:

Comandos de Salvamento is a Salvadoran humanitarian institution whose mission is to save the lives of people due to consequences of mother nature or of man, regardless of race, religion, or political creed.


To contruct a systematic professional response of humanitarian aid during emergencies based on prevention, education, mitigation and quality control that generate structural changes in order to augment our work in Communities, Municipal Government, and the National Civilian Protection Agency.

The context of our work includes, but is not limited to: vehicular accidents, search and recovery,homicides,assaults, earthquakes,flooding,hurricanes, fires, and war (79-92).

Congratulations to this organization of true Salvadoran heroes for 50 years of service to their countrymen!

You can learn more about the Comandos at their website which is available in English, and check out the photo gallery and a YouTube Channel to these rescuers in action.

(Thanks to blog reader Ixa for regularly reminding me about the Comandos).


ixa said…
Thanks Tim, I actually have been working with them since 96 and running their site since 99.
Tim said…
You do a great job.