An amber light for Oscar Romero

Wondering how close the Roman Catholic church is to canonizing archbishop Oscar Romero? Now there is a blog which will clue you in. At the Super Martyrio Blog, which calls itself "the inside track on the beatification cause of Archbishop Romero of El Salvador," blogger Polycarpio has designed a color-coded system to track the status of Oscar Romero's progress toward possible canonization as a saint of the Roman Catholic church. A red light means stagnation, an amber light means slow or moderate forward motion, and a green light means progress. Currently, Polycarpio assigns an amber status for Romero:
Therefore, it appears that the "freeze" on the Romero beatification process has been lifted, and we will indeed be searching news reports for evidence that the process has begun to move down the final stretch. After the Positio Super Martyrio is studied by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, absent further objections, the next step is to send a recommendation to the Pope to approve the martyrdom of the candidate. Typically, the pope then signs and publishes a decree approving the martyrdom, and a beatification date can be set. On his way to the meeting of the Latin American Bishops in Aparecida, Brazil in 2007, Pope Benedict said, "I await confidently what the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will have to say on the matter" (of Romero's martyrdom). Now, we await "confidently," also.

More important that his sainthood forecasting, is the collection of materials Polycarpio has assembled on the blog related to the teaching and theology of Oscar Romero. After a period of inactivity on this informative blog, Polycarpio has been filling the blog with a series of thoughtful, bilingual posts in the past several weeks. To make accessing all his material easier, there is now a helpful subject index on the blog.

Polycarpio is also the author of the single-most popular post on my blog -- the Top Ten Romero Quotes.

When you are reflecting on archbishop Romero's legacy, you may also want to view this photoremembrance at of the activities earlier this year commemorating the 30th anniversary of Romero's assassination.


Carlos X. said…
Thank you for spreading the word. I know that spiritual inspiration has motivated YOUR own commitment to this important work, and that if my blog did not exist, at least we would have Tim's El Salvador Blog, where anyone who was interested could follow developments regarding Monseñor. Abrazos. -c.
Anonymous said…
He was such an inspiring person, and he seeds of hope, justice and love are bearing fruit even today! He deserves all the celebration and awards we can give.

This week Oscar Romero is featured as hero of week over at

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