Polling on political parties

The daily newspaper La Prensa Grafica released some public opinion poll numbers this week. The opinion poll asked Salvadorans a number of questions about their views of the politicians and the political parties in the country.

There were two numbers which stuck out at me, and they are related. The first number was president Mauricio Funes continued strong approval ratings in the country. 70.1% of Salvadorans say that they have a good or very good opinion of Funes. In contrast, no other Salvadoran politician gets a rating higher than 47.1%, and that politician is former president Tony Saca. The second number was the 50.2% of Salvadorans polled who say they do not consider themselves a part of any political party. The FMLN was the strongest political party, but still only 27.2% of Salvadorans considered themselves part of the FMLN.

In the past, there was a tendency to portray El Salvador as sharply divided between left and right, between the FMLN and ARENA. In fact, most Salvadorans are in the middle. They are not attracted by the extremes of either party. And so they strongly approve of their president who is trying to govern from a position much more towards the center.


Hodad said…
excelent country, time, and place to start GREEN Party

as we kick out those arrogant greedy corporations like coca cola, pepsi,the gold mining ones, and all trying to pollute for profit

also need to get rid of all the multinational fast food,

guanacos really getting obese the last few years
what a shame
from eating that high fructose corn syrup bread and GM soy and full of hormone and antibiotic meats

best are corn tortillas, but add a pinch of cane sugar, raw cane sugar