Change to the healthcare delivery system in El Salvador

Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes described his National Integrated Health System yesterday which aims to reform the way that healthcare is delivered for the majority of Salvadorans. Funes described his proposal as "revolutionary" and "real change."

An article in ContraPunto describes aspects of the new system:
The flagship program of the new system is Integrated Network Health Services, which aims to spread out the health service with Community-based Family Health Teams (ECOS), which will carry coverage throughout the country under the premise that it will be the state that moves healthcare towards the citizens, rather than the latter having to search out care, as is the case today.

These teams are already working as pilot programs since August in 74 municipalities, and are composed of five people: a doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, a health promoter and a utility person.

Each ECOS will be responsible for 200 families, which will have charge of all aspects of health, including health issues such as housing, water and food as other conditions, because the medical personnel will be present constantly in communities.

"It's an issue that goes beyond just sitting at the desk and waiting for the patient," said Vice minister for Health Policy, Eduardo Espinoza.

On top of this primary network, for every eight ECOS there will be a Family Specialist ECOS which will be responsible for overseeing the work of the primary and to cover specific medical needs. In these groups there are three doctors, a pediatrician, a psychologist, a dentist, a clinical laboratory technician and a nurse and a nursing assistant. (translation errors are mine).

The proposal also addresses the supply of pharmaceutical drugs in the country, greater integration of the social security health system (ISSS) and the ministry of health operated system, a national emergency system, and greater citizen involvement in the system. Funes proposed increasing the amount of El Salvador's GDP devoted to healthcare from 1.5% to 5% by 2014.

This is a very ambitious proposal. The idea is right -- we'll have to see how Funes finds the money to pay for it.


Lilith said…
This sounds very community based and comprehensive. Do you know if there are any more details related to women's healthcare, maternity care and/or use of midwives?
Hodad said…
hopefully they/he will be bringing in more Cuban health care folks, and more natural.herbal cures and PREVENTATIVE medicines, techniques and educating the populace more

I need to translate MY page, but with google translate!!!!

just a shame I have watched the guanaco population become more obese over the past 25 years from fast food introduction, and the ignorance of the population diminishing due to TV use and of course sift drink and such consumption

all about education it is, starts in school

and all need to boycott these transnationals with their corn sugar usage in ALL their food, especially the breads
ixa said…
We have done this for the last 50 years, bread and spread starting in Ciudad Delgado and throughout the country.

@Señor Pescado-
Wrong. Most Salvadorans do not have the money to go to Biggest.

It is the Manteca.
Hodad said…
did not say the did, ixa, but in san salvador those places are full and lots of people in them, like burger king all the time
most do not in the campo, in the cities they are jammed
see it every day

little bit of manteca
does not contribute to obesity like pan frances

what is bread and spread?
could not find reference on your site

I thought you were just in rescate?

worked with you folks in the 2001 earthquake, I was of first to get to la Colinas, how horrible
El-Visitador said…
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El-Visitador said…
1,000,000 families ÷ 200 families per ECOS = 5000 doctors plus team =

25,000 new State employees, plus backups for vacation, illness, etc., plus admin overhead. Say, 35,000 people.

Dude, that's twice as many as the widely accepted insufficient police, that supposedly there is no money to increase.

Besides, this loony Funes idea does not work in any advanced nor backward society anywhere. Not in Singapore, not in France, not in Australia, nowhere.

This is madness, and even if it were not, Funes has to know he is retailing something the country can't afford to pay.