Assorted news items

Some news items from El Salvador this week.

Police discover barrels with millions of dollars in cash. Police have counted more than $9 million of cash found in two barrels buried on a ranch named El Recalado, in Zacatecoluca in the central part of the country. The operating assumption is that the cash is related to drug-trafficking. Police sources say that owners of the ranch are tied to Guatemalan narco-criminals.

A third survivor of Tamaulipas massacre is from El Salvador. According to a statement made by president Funes in El Salvador, there is a third survivor and witness to the massacre who made it alive to the US. A second survivor is reportedly a Honduran.

Bodies of Salvadorans in massacre returned to El Salvador. This video from La Prensa Grafica shows the return of caskets to grieving families in El Salvador.

Funes on US tour to encourage TPS renewals. In a regular trip for Salvadoran presidents, Mauricio Funes is in the US to encourage Salvadorans on Temporary Protected Status to renew their registration. More than 210,000 Salvadorans are in the US under this provision of US immigration law following the 2001 earthquakes.

Remittances up in 2010. Family remittances received from abroad are up so far in 2010 over the same time period in 2009. According to figures from El Salvador's Central Reserve Bank, incoming remittance flows increased $50 million to $2.076 billion in the first seven months of 2010 from $2.026 billion during the same period in 2009. This equals an annual growth rate in remittances of 2.5%