San Salvador -- 1947

Blogger Ixquic came across this film footage of San Salvador from 1947:

There's a noticeable difference from the dangerous, crowded, dirty conditions which mark the historic center of San Salvador today. The church which appears in the video is the old cathedral which burned to the ground in 1951. The current Metropolitan Cathedral was only finished in 1994 after the conclusion of the civil war.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, Tim, for posting this film footage. I've shared it with several folks from the group that stayed at Casa Concordia the week leading up to August 6.
Carlos X. said…
It is remarkable. I had seen stills of the Old Cathedral, but to see it in moving pictures, of a rather clear quality as these, really brings the it to life. The Ilopango airport is the same from which I flew when I left my native land. You know, my mother hadn't even been born when this film was shot, but my grandmother already was living in San Salvador, and probably going to Church at the Cathedral from time to time. Thanks for sharing.