Funes still popular

President Mauricio Funes receives a positive rating from 81% of Salvadorans, according to a CID Gallup survey published yesterday.

The study was conducted from August 12 to 15, 2010. A total of 1,010 Salvadorans were polled, with a sampling error of 3.08 points, up or down.

The proportion of people with positive views increased slightly from 79% in July, but in October 2009, Funes had his highest proportion of positive ratings: 87%.

Funes' popularity cuts across party lines. 90% of FMLN supporters rate him positively, and 63% ARENA members.

62% of people believe that this administration has changed things "for the better" and only 16% "for the worse."

In the US, Barrack Obama would love to have poll numbers that high.


Hodad said…
excellent news loving to rub this in the face of friends and acquaintances worldwide
cleaning El sal up,
will be even better when he really starts to go after former scumbags, corrupt officials and all else, needs to put those like Hugo Barrera in prison for a long time, destroying Los Cobanos, acapatelo
what an idiot and fav of FUSADES he is, was? still is?

and that corrupt person today in the news for the lead poisoning
bye bye long time
andmilitary in the street and all losers to that island, Martin Paredes, great idea
but Sir
allow all campesinos to grow HEMP now, please read the facts