A week in El Salvador

Ir's always nice to see prominent media taking note of what El Salvador has to offer. The travel section of the New York Times recently wrote:
For a small country, El Salvador abounds with attractions: volcanoes, coffee plantations, national parks and a gorgeous Pacific coast.

The Times then goes on to describe a possible itinerary for the tourist who wants to spend a week in El Salvador.

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New selling point for El Salvador: It is not located on the Gulf of Mexico!
Hodad said…
well, as the person that made the 2nd or 3rd website for tourists , in 1996, after I moved there in 1994
'adventure in e el salvador' in google
#1 es
just ingo gor my hommies
CORSATUR , they cvopieed my mess for a bit

ok, ok
all you, gringos can come to El Sal, just smile, be nice, respect the locals,

ask ME
been around a bit of the world

God loves me
I am blessed,
to live in


'buena onda'