Oscar Luna re-elected as Human Rights Ombudsman

Oscar Luna was re-elected by El Salvador's National Assembly as the country's Human Rights Ombudsman (PDDH for its Spanish initials).

One of the highest profile members of government in El Salvador has no power and no ability to make or enforce laws. The post of PDDH was created in the constitution following the 1992 peace accords. The PDDH is to monitor and report on human rights issues in the country. His power is only the power of persuasion and publicity. The PDDH can neither prosecute violators nor pass laws. He can only denounce the human rights violations which he observes.

According to LPG, for his new term, Luna has promised to promote creation of units in such areas as the rights of indigenous peoples, HIV-AIDS, rights of immigrants and the creation of an assistant ombudsman for the elderly.