Tropical storm Agatha kills 9 in El Salvador

The rains of tropical storm Agatha produced flooding and landslides in El Salvador which left nine people dead according to El Diario de Hoy. That newspaper has a special section devoted to the damages located here. More than eight thousand people were forced from their homes by the water.

One of the worst hit towns was Juayua, where 425 millimeters (16.7 inches) of rain fell between Saturday and Sunday. A family of three died there when a landslide buried their home.

The brunt of Agatha's force was borne by Guatemala where more than 80 died in flooding and mudslides. Death were also reported in Honduras.

Schools are closed today in El Salvador due to the state of emergency, as the past week of rains has left many areas at risk.

Get a current El Salvador weather forecast at this link.


vee said…
Wow! Thanks for the update. I had been hearing about the damage in Guatemala from friends who live there. I was in Guate 2 weeks ago, leaving just before both Pacaya and Agatha!
vee said…
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DC_Becky said…
I'm afraid your link for the Diario de Hoy is wrong - it just leads to a full-size version of your photo. If you have the right link, please put it in - I'm sure we'd all like to keep up with it.
Tim said…
Thanks for pointing out the bad link. I've fixed it now.