The reality of water in El Salvador

Access to potable water is a never-ending struggle in the rural areas of El Salvador. Julia Baumgartner describes in her blog the struggle of one community, Comunidad Rutilio Grande, with a well which is running dry:
For many of us, the thought of being without water is unimaginable. We brush our teeth, wash our dishes and clothes, shower, and drink from the faucet without thinking much about it. It has always been that way and as far as we know, it will continue to flow for us. Here in the community of Rutilio Grande, the water stopped running last week, a scary reality during the end of the dry season when the rivers dry up after 6 months of no rain.

Up until last year, this small community had been in charge of the water system, fixing the pump when it broke down. With $0 coming into the community for such instances, they decided to turn it over to the town government who has a few extra dollars to pay for such projects. In the past, they had gone weeks without water when the pump broke down. Read more.


El-Visitador said…

This is not possible! It was nearly 60 years ago that the government statized the water companies.

We live in a socialized water paradise; therefore, it is impossible that we do not live in a harmonious social regime of abundant water for all.

I mean, you know very well that private enterprise is the root of all evil, and the sin of private enterprise has been removed from water distribution in El Salvador!