Funes asks forgiveness for Romero assassination

The president, Mauricio Funes, apologized today on behalf of the Salvadoran state for the death of the archbishop of San Salvador, Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, which occurred on March 24, 1980.

"In my capacity as President, I apologize on behalf of the Salvadoran state for this assassination committed 30 years ago. On behalf of the Salvadoran State I apologize to the family of Romero, and I extend my condolences," said Funes, ... in the corridor between gates 8 and 9 of the airport terminal, where he unveiled a mural commemorating the religious leader.

Responding to the words of Funes, Gaspar Romero, brother of the martyred archbishop, said: "I accept with humility, love and gratitude the apology, albeit 30 years later. "

At the end of the ceremony, during a conference with local media, Funes said of the ritual of reconciliation: "I apologized because the state failed to investigate, but it is not for me to investigate, that is up to the judges of the Republic" he clarified.

Translated from La Prensa Grafica


thelifemosaic said…
Hi Tim,

Great blog, sir, thanks for all of the translation work. As for the 30th anniversary of Romero's assassination, I was there! You can read all about our seminary trip to El Salvador at our blog, It was my first time out of the country, my first solidarity march, and it was an amazing experience.

I hope you continue to write about El Salvador.