Funes and Obama meet at White House

Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes met today with Barack Obama at the White House. Their remarks following the meeting were released by the White House:

You can watch the video or read a transcript here.


Lisa Mac said…
I'm curious as to what people made of this speech. Is a pilgrimage to DC pretty standard for Salvadoran presidents? Did this one break any new ground? I'm interested in hearing what other, wiser readers than I make of it. I'm pretty fascinated by both these presidents.
Unknown said…
I think he says "UH" too much, maybe Mr. Obama needed his teleprompter for this one too? As usual I was not impressed...and felt it was a waste of my time to sit through this.
Ερμής said…
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George Fulmore said…
To Lisa: I think the meeting of these two men is historic. I think they meet on equal grounds, politically and socially. I am impressed by both men. Both are excellent communicators.
Obama haters do not like much of anything he does. I don't see their point. In El Salvador, the hate is mostly in the past. May the two countries continue to work together to make a better hemisphere and a better world. "Fair" taxation and opportunities for all are basic componets for all this.