Cross border families

The website for Maryland Community Newspapers, Gazette.Net, has an excellent series of stories on Salvadoran families who have members living in the US and the strains caused by the global economic downturn. The stories and videos highlight some individual families as well as exploring the macro context of the flows of migrants northwards and remittances southwards.

This quote sums up some of the situation:
"[Migration is] one of the most heartfelt problems in El Salvador. .... We can't prohibit immigration, and we can't forget those people who leave, because they sustain us. But we have to create the conditions for them so they don't want to leave," said [Jorge Schafik Handal] Vega, who heads the parliament's commission on external affairs and Salvadorans abroad. "We can no longer depend anymore on exporting people to support our economy."


Tambopaxi said…
Truer words were never said. El Sal's not alone in this problem, and Handal's got the challenge right: You know that country's approaching full development when it becomes capable of employing all of its people...