Accomplice to Romero murder speaks

Former Salvadoran air force captain Álvaro Saravia has previously admitted to participation in the plot to kill Salvadoran archbishop Oscar Romero, although he denies being the gunman. Today the online periodical El Faro published a lengthy story with an interview of Saravia where Saravia names names and provides details of the plot.

Shortly after the interview appeared on the El Faro site, the site was no longer reachable on the Internet. (coincidence?). I was able to grab a copy from the Google search engine cache, and you can download it here, if the El Faro site is not reachable.

Saravia says the gunman was a Salvadoran from the security team of Mario Molina, son of former Salvadoran president Arturo Armando Molina. Mario Molina, along with ARENA founder Roberto D'Aubuisson, were the intellectual authors of the plot to kill the archbishop.

More to come.


David said…

Here's the youtube video from the site, with subtitles
Carlos X. said…
Sensational details in the full-length interview that Tim links in the main story. Tremendously incriminating day for the far right: Saravia not only confirms D'Aubuisson's participation, but he implicates the son of President Arturo Armando Molina in having provided the assassin, and COENA member Eduardo Lemus O´byrne as having provided the killer's pay-off. In related news, LPG is reporting that the Salvadoran state is accepting the U.N. Truth Commission report which also blamed D'Aubuisson and his cadre of conspirators. A terribly historic day in the investigation.