Two new documentaries about El Salvador's water crisis

As progressive journalist Jason Wallach writes:
El Salvador receives 3 times as much water in rainfall as what its 6 million inhabitants consume annually, yet 40% of Salvadorans do not enjoy potable water in their homes.

This paradox lies behind two new documentaries about El Salvador's water crisis. Wallach has written and produced Until the Last Drop: Tales From the Battle for El Salvador's Water. Here is the trailer:


El Salvador's Center for the Defense of the Consumer and the documentary film project combined to produce the documentary Chronic Neglect: The Water Crisis in El Salvador. Here is a 6 minute version of the documentary:

The full length versions of both documentaries, which are available on DVD, each run about 30 minutes. We recently screened them both in my monthly El Salvador Movie Night in the Milwaukee area, and they were well received by the persons who attended. Both documentaries do an excellent job of illustrating the plight of the poor who need access to potable water and the complexities of dealing with this intractable problem.


Unknown said…
And yet, Mr Funes and his government keep on NOT having a plan for governing anything, including water distribution.

And yet, Mr funes is unable, as the weakest President of El Salvador ever, to make ANDA work and to command over it as the chief of the executive he has been mandated to be. He is unable to rule over the man he has placed in charge of ANDA and so has to remove him.

Sad state of affairs for our country under the Government of Change..........Sad, ineffective, weak President appointed with the help of a party that has no problem in sabotaging him.....

Sad.....and thirsty state of affairs....
El-Visitador said…
He he.

Just in case the lefties haven't noticed, we have had socialized water for over 50 years now —ANDA.

The central government expropriated the formerly private and municipal water providers many decades ago in the Socialist name of providing water to each according to their needs...

The results speak by themselves.

Meanwhile, in Spain most municipalities are smart enough to simply give away the concession rights to private company Aguas de Barcelona, and thereby enjoy first-world water standards.

Since we Salvadoreans do not want to privatize our water, we should keep enjoying the benefits of Socialist ANDA water!
SETA said…
It is more than disingenuous to tout the failures of ANDA. IT only provides service in 148 of 262 municipalities, mostly because the more rural systems were never actually turned over to ANDA in teh first place. And the IADB and World Bank have been loaning the govt. $$ to spin more system to private mgmt. The facts are plain: when you have no environmental management or regulation over water quality, it doesn't matter who delivers the service. The water is poisonous for whoever utilizes it.
Kalu said…
I saw few weeks ago on discovery channel an device that can make ocean water , good for drink . But they said its experimental . But my opinion is that big companies that sell water wont let these devices see the light . They will buy the projects and then leave them in the "dark" .