Remembering Oscar Romero

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of archbishop Oscar Romero. Romero was assassinated while saying mass on March 24, 1980 in a killing ordered by right wing death squad leaders. With the 30th anniversary date approaching, we are going to see more articles about Romero, his legacy, and his formal recognition as a saint of the Roman Catholic church. (Multitudes of the common people Romero loved in El Salvador already view him as a saint).

An article in Spero News describes the discourse of the Salvadoran Catholic church surrounding the prospects of Romero's beatification:
The Catholic Church has urged Salvadorans to pray for promoting the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, and called in a special way to have respect for the figure of the assassinated Archbishop, so as not to influence on his process of beatification. "If someone is canonized, it is because God wills it," said the Archbishop José Luis Escobar Alas of San Salvador, referring to the process of beatification underway at the Vatican.

During a press conference, he informed that the case "is very far along," but no one knows "how long it will take still" before Archbishop Romero is declared Blessed. The Arcbishop was assassinated March 24, 1980 while celebrating Mass in the Church of Divine Providence. "We would have liked that on a day like this we would be able to give everyone the good news that Archbishop Romero was declared Blessed, but we still have no communication," said the Archbishop, recalling that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero.

A note to regular readers of the blog: Because of a busy schedule I have fallen behind on regular posts about what's going on in El Salvador. I'm going to try to do better going forward. (Guest posts are also welcome).


Carlos X. said…
You're right, Tim. A story in Independent Catholic News on Feb. 7 noted that the Romero anniversary will be marked by "major ecumenical events" in Britain, including an incredible service at Westminster Abbey led by the Archbishop of Canterbury (the leader of the Church of England), as well as numerous other services led by various archbishops in a number of historic Cathedrals of Britain. The article concludes on this hopeful note: "The ground-swell of devotion to Archbishop Romero at grass-roots level, combined with the appreciation by his fellow bishops of Romero’s preaching of the Gospel message, is a hopeful sign that his beatification will soon take place."
Unknown said…
I already requested my vacation for that week, I really want to go to the Monseñor Romero´s Crypt and join all the celebrations.

This year the celebration will be completely different.