Practical El Salvador

Searching the Internet recently I came across the blog El Salvador: The Life. The site is "designed to help deportees and families of deportees (or anyone else planning to move to El Salvador) prepare for the process, what to expect and how to begin. This is not intended for tourist, but rather those planning to move." It has a number of posts about day-to-day life, including such topics as Internet access, the postal system, and plumbing. The most recent post provides a sample of grocery prices. Check it out.


George Fulmore said…
In talking with this guy a bit, he seems to be very down to earth and real. He loves living in El Salvador after not liking it at all at first. He works legally in the country now and is married to a Salvadoranean. His blog could prove to have some interesting insight as he learns more about the country. Good tip, Tim. Thanks.