John Edwards in El Salvador

Former Senator and US presidential candidate John Edwards has been in El Salvador several times recently. No longer campaigning for votes, Edwards is building houses in poor communities with the Fuller Center for Housing and Homes from the Heart. From the Fuller Center for Housing website:
Edwards' visit from Dec. 15-18 coincided with students volunteering for alternative winter break - 13 from UCLA and 14 from the University of Cincinnati.

"I have never done anything in my life that is worth more to me than what you are doing right now," Edwards told the students. "This is what you will remember, I promise you. I've had every life experience anybody could ever have, meeting presidents ... being on aircraft carriers ... and nothing compares with this."

You can see a video of Edwards' talk to the college students and his work on the houses at this link.


Unknown said…
well I always liked edwards, he always seemed to me to be quite well composed, elegant and sincerely articulate. In his campaign he never seemed to me to be an artificial intelligence life form like the automaton Al Gore or an envoy from the evil machinery like Forbes.

Good man, following Jimmy C's steps...jajajaj
Joe said…
I don't have much sympathy for the guy. But I agree with him about doing volunteer work in E.S.