Soto's mother-in-law cleared

According to EFE, a court in El Salvador has acquitted the mother-in-law of U.S. trade unionist Gilberto Soto, from charges she was the intellectual author of his 2004 murder. The court decided to acquit Rosa Zelaya de Ortiz, mother-in-law of Soto because there insufficient evidence and because of contradictions in the testimony of one witness who allegedly had knowledge of planning the crime.

Soto was a Salvadoran born Teamster from New Jersey. While in El Salvador in 2004, he was gunned down outside his mother's home. The police called it a domestic dispute, arresting gang members allegedly hired by Soto's mother-in-law. Others were sure that it was related to his union organizing efforts among truckers in El Salvador's ports. But recently, the focus has been on connections to drug-trafficking and a criminal cartel known as the Perrones. Mauricio Funes ordered the Soto case be reopened earlier this year,