IUDOP poll on Salvadorans and religion

The Public Opinion Institute at the University of Central America (IUDOP) has just released a poll on the religious practices of Salvadorans. The wide-ranging poll taken during June of this year asked 1260 Salvadorans 100 questions about the role of religion in their lives. Almost 90% of Salvadorans identify themselves as Catholic or Protestant Christians:

Catholic 50.4%
Protestant 38.2%
Other 2.5%
None 8.9%

This poll continues a steady decline in those identifying themselves as Roman Catholics and an increase in Protestant denominations. In the past 11 years the percentage of Catholics has fallen from 64.1% to 50.4% and the number of Protestants has increased from 16.4% to 38.2%:

Among the Protestant denominations, the percentages of affiliation were:

Assemblies of God 21.3%
Baptist Friends of Israel (Brother Toby) 11.5%
Elim 9.0%
Church of God 7.0%
Baptist 7.0%
Prophetic 6.1%
Pentecostal 4.5%
Apostles and Prophets 3.9%
Light of the World 3.7%
Jehova's Witnesses 3.1%
Adventist 2.9%
Prince of Peace 2.2%
Mormon 2.0%
Apostolic 1.8%
Tabernacle of Avivamiento 1.6%
Lutheran 0.4%
Others 9.8%
None 2.2%

The study has much more about the role of religion in El Salvador which you can read (in Spanish) here.


Unknown said…
Interesting poll... I always knew that El Salvador is a very religious country. You find some sort of church almost anywhere you go.
Don Plummer said…
One of my most memorable experiences in El Salvador was answering the door of the house where we were staying to a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses. I had lots of fun trying to explain to them that we were evangelical Christians (we're Lutherans) in my imperfect Spanish. The funniest thing about the incident was the way that all the others in the house managed to make themselves invisible and left me to fend for myself.

One afternoon I could hear a group of people singing a familiar Spanish-language hymn ("Alabare") from a nearby garage.
Griselda said…
I can just imagine doing the same thing... <<< Making myself invisible>>>


"alabare, alabare, alabareeeee a mi senor, cuando el numero de los remidos.. y todos alababan al senor... unos cantaban otros oraban pero todos alababan al senor"

So, you do not miss to much El Salvador, but It'd be good to have you again :-)