Deal reached in Honduras

A negotiated solution to the crisis in Honduras appears to have been reached. Ousted president Zelaya and the de facto government will form a power-sharing government and respect the outcome of the upcoming November presidential election according to this report from the BBC. The Honduran Congress must approve the deal.

The consitutional crisis began in Honduras on June 28 of this year, when democratically-elected president Manuel Zelaya was forced out of the country by the Honduran military. In September, Zelaya snuck back into the country and has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy ever since then. The period since Zelaya's ouster has been marked by significant protests by citizen groups and repression by the de facto government.


It "appears" that there is a negotiated temporary solution, but the Micheletti regime seems to be raising all sorts of possible delays - especially since Congress is not in session (though Micheletti could call it into session). Anotehr possible delay, as Micheletti has done for many months.