Photojournalist Poveda killed in El Salvador

The French photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Christian Poveda was shot dead in El Salvador yesterday. No motive for the crime is known. From AFP:
President Mauricio Funes said he was "dismayed" by the photographer and journalist's killing, which he "strongly condemned."

The Central American leader called on authorities to "conduct all necessary investigations so that those responsible are brought to justice". He called on the country to unite to "combat together" the scourge of violence hitting El Salvador.

Poveda, police say, was on his way back from filming in gang-controlled La Campanera, a poor suburb north of San Salvador.

Poveda's most recent work was the documentary La Vida Loca, an unflinching portrait of youths caught up in El Salvador's gang culture.



El-Visitador said…
Sad but predictable. Gangs are not to be trifled with.

One might think incarceration for these murderous thugs would be a solution; instead, it is proven that our jails only provide advanced gang education for these people.

We need to restore the death penalty, and soon.
Joe said…
Tim, I would have appreciated a "not safe for work" notice on that video.
Griselda said…
My Lord!! as a proverb says " bad news travels much faster than good news" I was about to read "el trece" who is a lider gang nabbed by the Nicaragua police and waiting for a extradition to USA. Suddenly my eyes were caught by "Christian Poveda".
More than anything ppl will want to see the Vida Loca documentary
All my condolonces to his famliy