Surf's up

El Salvador's Pacific coastline has big waves, and big waves make for great surfing. I came across this El Salvador surf video on a blog called KZURC:

A regular reader of the blog wrote to remind me not to forget the drowning danger in the dangerous riptides and undertows which exist at various beaches. Many have drowned. Read my post from last year about the tragic avoidable accidents.


Anonymous said…
awesome video, dude. I like that. That is one the only daring things I I would like to do next to bungee jumping. So why not surf in El Salvador. gnarly
Unknown said…
this video is crazy!

tim, your blog was recommended to me because my sister and i will be traveling to el salvador august through december of this year to study. we are milwaukeeans as well! raised at elmbrook church, currently a member of brew city church.

would it be possible to meet with you sometime just to talk about the country and get some pointers for traveling? it would be wonderful to have some sage advice.


kate schaefer
Unknown said…
awsome video. I do surf trips and this video has helped me out allot. Atilio Q. passed over your blog. Nice blog tim.