Latin Pulse features Salvadoran election outcome

Latin Pulse provides online bilingual video content with news and analysis from Latin America. Latin Pulse recently published on its website a 30 minute video titled "El Salvador's Historic Election.

Accompanying the longer video was a 10 minute interview with Mauricio Funes including English subtitles.


Anonymous said…
As always...excellent post.
I'd like to see tony saca's argument broadcast when the reporter asked, Why salvadoreans immigrate, or leave the country?
he said, they wanted to be reunited with their families...AWKWARD!!!!!
Thanks God he is out!!!
Dont want see his face on politics anymore WORST PRESIDENT EVER!
Anonymous said…
Tim, this guy above me is truely an idiot in all sense of the word, but assuming that it take one idiot to know another one. While it is not always easy to determine what a dictator will do next, in a way it is a relief to know that the country is heavily divided between those that want to work and those who want to live on rations. Tony Saca was a hell of a good president despite of its critics, but something tells me that if that reporter can not keep control of his party line then they will be singing another tune, no doubt they will blame President Tony Saca as well.
Anonymous said…
Okay, I will bite, seems reasonable. I will say he is finally listening to reason. We can not do with out capitalism as capitalism is truly a driving force into a growing economy. I will keep an eye on him though. Hard to trust that FMLN government. No doubt the FMLN is unhappy about his statements and how he will not support communism like Chavez for the following reason which I have stated before. El Salvador cannot do such destructive act due to the fact that we do not have oil as Venezuela does nor it is wise to be dependent on one resource as a means of production like we are going through with money from Salvadorians living in the US.. We need to use that capital in a more resourceful way, rather then just sending it to spoiled brats back home who don't know the meaning of a hard earned dollar in the US.
Anonymous said…
TO: second Anonymous
First of all, YOU DO NOT NEED to call anyone an IDIOT, only beacuse they don't agree with you. show respect to the others only reflects you anger and ignorance.
And I do agree with the first one, gangs, violence, corruption, immigration, etc. haven't changed to a better trend. only because the government say so doesn't mean we are going to believe it!