John Edwards in El Salvador

Former US Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards was in El Salvador this week with David Snell, the president of the Fuller Center for Housing. The Fuller Center has active projects to build housing for the poor in El Salvador. Snell is blogging about the trip:
We’ve had a full week in two days. Senator Edwards is known here in El Salvador and so we’ve had meetings with some key government leaders—the Presidents of the Supreme Court and the Legislative Assembly among them. Last night we had dinner with members of the presidential transition team. Elections this spring turned the presidency over to the liberal FMLN party from the conservative ARENA and the new president takes office on June 1. ARENA has been in power for 20 years, so this is a significant change. We may be able to meet with the President-Elect later today.

In these meetings the Senator has been consistent with a couple of messages: we need to maximize the opportunity presented by new administrations in Washington and San Salvador, and we need to use this opportunity to improve the plight of the poor. I’ve felt more than once like I was watching history in the making.


Anonymous said…
The best way to ensure stability, and improve the "plight" of the poor is to ensure the rule of law, and strenghthen the institutions that are supposed to administer, and main said rule of law. Therefore I urge USA to monitor the going ons of El Salvador during, and before Funes´s government, to ensure that the national health doesn´t devolve to similar conditions as those experienced by Guatemala, and Mexico, where whole states have been kidnapped by "alternative market" capitalists that deal with the illegal and their proteges (money laundering businesses), nor to conditions similar to those experienced by Venezuela and Bolivia, where rightist groups have done all they can to sabotage movements that arose due to years of neglect, by their part, to the many problems besieging the majority of their respective populations. In fact, I urge the entire international community to keep an eye on Funes government, because his ascendancy to power marks a great opportunity to save the country, but the obstacles to doing so are aplenty-- both seen and unseen. The circumstances may not be the best, and will guarantee a difficult task ahead, but with your help, we shall prevail.
El-Visitador said…
I wonder if Edwards brought his lover, or his terminally ill wife?

Just sayin'.