Fireflies on the Plantation

I came across a new blog based in El Salvador tonight. The Plantation Diaries is written by a blogger who goes by the name "La Finca," and she writes about her life managing a coffee plantation in El Salvador. The blog is well-written with some gorgeous photographs, like today's entry about fireflies:
The fireflies are out tonight for the first time. It is winter here in El Salvador, and I am used to seeing these masters of illumination in the summer when in the states. The Northern winds are gusting and they are helpless to control their flight as they get knocked about in the air. They have taken refuge on the ground and there are hundreds of twinkling lights. One could imagine the stars have come for a visit.

Read more here.


Stephanie said…
Thank you Tim! This is The Plantation Diaries writing from the town of Tecapan. Just to update you on the fireflies, the wind blew many of them inside through the open windows. They are dancing around and it is quite the show. Best, Stephanie
Anonymous said…
Tim and Stephanie:
I love your pictures of la finca, and people of El Salvador.
humble_pie said…
Extraordinary story. Plucky, beautiful girl. Stunning blog. Part of the charm lies in conveying an out-of-this-world adventure in palpable, down-to-earth text & photographs.

This is going to be better than Out of Africa.