A Safe City for Women

An article in the Christian Science Monitor's Global News Blog highlights efforts to make Suchitoto a city where violence against women is rare:

SUCHITOTO, EL SALVADOR – Time seems to have stood still in the colonial town of Suchitoto, about 30 miles from El Salvador’s frenetic capital, with its quiet cobblestone streets and perfectly preserved architecture. But now its white-washed walls are adorned with a 21st-century message: “In this house we want a life without violence toward women.”

The words, which are accompanied by a bird and flower, the symbol of Suchitoto, forms part of a campaign by the Feminist Collective for Local Development to “elevate societal rejection of domestic violence, and make it a subject we should all be worried about,” says local feminist activist Morena Herrera.

It seems to have worked: The overall impression, reading the message on home after home – where women sweep their front porches and men gather in rocking chairs to talk on lazy afternoons – is one of camaraderie around an issue that is often overlooked in macho cultures in Latin America. In El Salvador, which contends with skyrocketing crime rates from street gangs, violence against women is even less prioritized, says Ms. Herrera.

The program in Suchitoto is supported by the United Nations Development Fund for Women. According to a fact sheet for the program, which is titled "Cities Without Violence Against Women, Safe Cities For All," the goal of the program is:
To contribute to the reduction of public and private forms of violence inflicted upon women in cities through the strengthening of active citizenship in the exercise of their rights and the development of a public and social agenda that generates conditions for a shared coexistence in freedom.
The program is in several countries in Latin America. Its website is located here.


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