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As many of you know, I fractured my knee while in El Salvador as an observer for the January elections. The knee is healing fine, but my biggest disappointment is that I will not be able to travel to El Salvador for the presidential election. So I am looking for contributors who are, or will be, in El Salvador for the presidential elections two weeks from today. As I try to make available comprehensive coverage of the presidential election, write up your observations of election day and the days leading up to March 15 and send them to me using the link in the right hand column. I can't promise I'll post everything I receive and I reserve the right to edit, but I look forward to anything you care to send. Thanks.


Burke Stansbury said…
Hi Tim,
CISPES will have a large group in El Salvador for the elections and some of our observers will be blogging on election day, as well as in the days leading up to, and the days following, March 15. Check out for all the coverage and please re-post what you find valuable.
mvelascobegue said…
Hello Tim,
I'm the producer for the program Latin Pulse/Pulso Latino on Link TV. Currently I am in El Salvador to cover the presidential elections, and will video blogging during March, and producing a program about the events. More to come at and
Hope you get well soon.
Anonymous said…
has anybody noticed how the salvadoran press is not giving coverage to the false interview of manuel castillo that supposedly was published on the guatemalan news magazine y que? is the only place where i've read an article notifying that they investigated such publications and the interview turned out to be a farse. why isn't el diario de hoy or la prensa grafica saying anything about this case, even though they can safely say the interview never took place and is not official, thus false? i wonder?
Anonymous said…
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Caminante said…
Belatedly, prayers for healing for you knee and for the disappointment you have for not being in ES to observe. I, too, wanted to be there this year (having observed in 2004), but life wouldn't permit it. So we watch anxiously from the sidelines. Que le vaya bien.
Anonymous said…
I hope you're able to heal quickly! I will be in El Salvador working with a delegation of volunteers affiliated with CIS. As I've been researching the political landscape of El Salvador to prepare for my trip, I've found your blog to be particularly useful and informative. I will try to send some tidbits from the field- En Solidaridad!
Hello Tim,

I love what you do and, as a Salvadoran-American journalist, I refer to your blog often.

I'll be in El Salvador with a photographer, myself a Multimedia reporter/videographer.

I'd love to contribute! Please check my blog :

and previous work in El Salvador:

Mural vs. Massacre (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

Escuela de arte en Perquín, Morazán, El Salvador (con Claudia Bernardi)

Deportados Salvadoreños "Los Disappeared: Deporting the American Dream"--- San Salvador

Here's my email:

Look forward to hearing from you!