El Salvador 2 - USA 2

The national soccer teams of El Salvador and the USA fought to a 2-2 draw in an exciting game in San Salvador's Cuscatlan Stadium. The home team managed to get a 2-0 lead with 20 minutes to go before 50,000 screaming fans, but could not hold off a strong US rally to tie the game.

Going into the match, the USA was ranked 17th in the world and El Salvador 106. The 2 Salvadoran goals were their first scores against the US since 1997. El Salvador will play its next match in World Cup qualifying Wednesday against Costa Rica in San Jose.


Anonymous said…
Anybody Know what channel will cover the next match (If Any) ?
Anonymous said…
damn, we had this one. up two zip. wtf, we could be leaders with 4 points now, instead we're second to last.
Anonymous said…
I do wonder if USA didn't beat ES due to difficulty of keeping concentration, or paranoia/fear something would happen to them, because... the stadium sure was freaking noisy.

I didn't go to stadium, and didn't even watch the game on tv, but having the misfortune of living 8 or so blocks from the stadium sure gave me the opportunity to not ignore it. All the shouting, music, barracking, air raid sirens (or whatever they were), were entirely invasive. Wouldn't surprise me if such a hostile environment played in favor of the ES team.

Well, whatever the case, I am sure that Salvadorans must be ecstatic, near total bliss, with the results. Many Salvadorans dream with the day that their Salvadoran gladiators would go from duking it out at the Cuscatlan Colosseum into duking it out at the World Cup (no matter how shameful the performance may be). Despite all the jazz surrounding the ES team, and sport development in general in the country, the "selecta" is still a point of honor for the people of this country.
M said…
nice blog tim
are u still in El Sal?
Anonymous said…
I was there. Was a blast.
I wanted to streak with the American flag tied to my ass but my salvadoran bretheren did not want to distract the UMO riot police for me.
Hey Tim do a post on our new site. I got a blog for them so they can "actualizar" their own posts.
http://www.salvamento.org I hope they use it.
Anonymous said…
hey tim are you going to travel to el salvador to witness the taking of posession by mauricio funes? it would be great if you do and post on it with pictures and video and all.
Carlos X. said…
And an exclusive interview :)
Tim said…
I probably won't be in El Salvador for Funes' taking office, despite the momentous occasion, because of some family commitments. But there will be plenty of blog coverage.

And some day Polycarpio, I'm going to have that exclusive interview.

To the first anonymous -- I'm not sure about television coverage; but I think you can listen to the game at http://www.radioyskl.com
Anonymous said…
Thanks Tim for the heads up on the Audio Link for the soccer match.

Oscar Recinos (first Anonymous)
Anonymous said…
I so bad wanted to streak across the cancha past the UMO policia with the American Flag in hand showing off to "viet-nam".
Hey tim do an entry on my buds at http://www.salvamento.org

stop by the base central and interview any of the guys, tell em marcogringo sent you.