Yet more on the presidential elections

A collection of links to yet more information and news leading up to the elections which are little more than two weeks away.
  • US groups urge their government to affirm neutrality on political process. There is a current campaign including a letter in Congress urging the Obama administration to state expressly that it respects the Salvadoran democratic process and that Salvadorans would not be deported depending on the outcome of the election.

  • Political party platforms. SHARE Foundation provides English language summary of the ARENA and FMLN election platforms which you can read here.

  • National Public Radio story. NPR broadcast a story on El Salvador's elections titled Leftist On Track For Historic Triumph In El Salvador

  • Study shows spending on political advertising. No surprise that ARENA leads in the amount spent.

  • Yet another poll. La Prensa Grafica released its presidential poll results today showing Funes with a slim 30.9% to 28.0% lead.

  • An example of a current ARENA campaign ad in this video:


boz said…
That Prensa Grafica poll says Funes' positive/negative rating is 59/14. Avila's is 46/27. That's a huge advantage for Funes, but it also shows just how much he is being dragged down by the FMLN label. If this was just a straight matchup between the candidates, Funes would win by 25. It's the party legacies that are making this close.